nwbowlingSummer 2010 – the Plan: A month long outing into the Northwest for outdoor fun and bowl as many states as could be routed. Having relatives and friends in a lot of places on the way made getting the travel on possible. The route was scenic, taking me through New Mexico, then for a stay in Colorado, bowling the towns south of Denver on I-25. The route then led to Northern Utah by way of Wyoming, and, well, OK – Jackson Hole – The only alley there is not public but at the Elks club. Even though it was the only lane for 50+ miles they were adamant. What is there that you Can do is some of North America’s best outdoors. Took in a profuse amount of that, then found the nearest bowling facility was closed.Baker City OR - Elkhorn Lanes 2

The next open lane was in Rawlins, a scenic backtrack. No problemo – I was spending 10 days in Northern Utah anyway and this was just more fun. The trip back from Rawlins/Rock Springs to Salt Lake has a lot of outdoors and bowling, possibilities, plus if you like mountain biking, well that’s another story. Bowling wise this is where most of the lanes in that region are located, along I-15.

Green River WY - Clearview Lanes 2Then the big distance – driving from the Salt Lake area to Spokane, taking leisure with distance – the country is beautiful – bowing the likes of Idaho Falls and Missoula, a University town. Rolled every lane around Spokane for another 10 days then routed my way back to Salt Lake by way of Mount Rainier, through Eastern Oregon, and again Northern Utah, with stops in small towns like Baker, with its above ground ball return, one of the few still operating, Logan, and Tremonton, Utah – Yup, there Is a bowling alley in Tremonton.

Missoula MT - Westside Lanes 2

Logan UT - Logan Lanes 2

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