This website is the product of an idea. It was brought about by the love of the game, by someone who is not that good at the sport, and was looking for “something else” to do in bowling.

The site was started while looking for bowling alleys in various cities that were going to be visited on vacations. Finding easy to access and reliable lane data was an issue. Immediately I saw that a tool that made this easy was needed. There were several websites but none was very accurate and, especially, up to date. This is when the Bowling Alley Locator was started. It was started on my home computer, using the Xampp environment simulator, as a local tool for my own use, then I decided it could be better worked with on the web.

The calendar was also bourne out of need, when I ran in to the same issue tournament hunting. There was just no up to date list. Combining that with the lane information was a natural.

The BowlingQuest itself was the perfect excuse to revisit the states. I had already been to 48 states when this started missing only Delaware and Hawaii. I’ve since visited and bowled in Delaware, leaving Hawaii as the only state not touched.

The web site is the outgrowth of that search for bowling alleys and tournaments.


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  1. Tiffany Bell

    I would like to update tournament information that is outdated on this wesbsite. How do I do that?

  2. Tourn. Director

    How can I find out who submits this information for tournaments. Or how this information gets uploaded without the consent of the bowling center.

    • Strikes Rule

      Anyone can submit tournament information. We get entries from individuals who pick up flyers, see ads, get information off social media, are sent and/or obtain information from other sources. We can’t and don’t, track who enters them, just check for accuracy.
      Hope this helps.
      Thank you.

  3. Ed Cotter

    Is there a way to update Bowling Centers? Names have changed and two others need to be added.

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