AMF Moore, Oklahoma Destroyed by Tornado

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May 20, 2013

AMF Moore before tornado

The 2-mile-wide tornado that devastated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, took dead aim on the city’s bowling center: AMF Moore Lanes.

According to reports from CNN and the BBC, the center was completely destroyed Monday when tornado winds approaching 200-mph leveled much of the city and killed, at last report, 24. For one reporter, the only way the site could be identified as that of a bowling center was the presence of a badly charred bowling ball amidst the rubble.

AMF Moore Lanes was located adjacent to Interstate -35, which connects Moore with Oklahoma City to the north and Norman, Okla., to the south. In 1976, the center, then known as Moore Bowl, hosted the 30th annual Bowlers Journal Championships.

To view the report from the BBC, go to:
amf moore bar

AMF Moore Lanes was left devastated after a Force 4/5 Tornado tore through the State of Oklahoma, in the Amercian mid-west on May 20th. Early reports state that the storm was up to 2 miles wide and contained winds peaking at 200mph.

Oklahoma experiences occasional extremes of weather, with most of the state in an area known as Tornado Alley, where an average of 54 tornadoes strike the state per year—one of the highest rates in the world.

amf moore bar 2AMF Moore Lanes is one of four AMF centres near to the tornado-damaged area, with Windsor Lanes in Oklahoma City (10 mies from Moore Lanes), Boulevard Lanes in Edmond (16 miles) and Yukon Lanes in Yukon (17 miles). As many as 65 bowling centres exist in Oklahoma State.

The 40-lane centre lane had recently been re-decorated and was popular with league bowlers, with 12 regular leagues weekly including PBA Experience leagues for both adults and juniors, and an USBC-orientated junior league. amf moore 2

RICHMOND, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With so many affected by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas, AMF Bowling Centers is hosting a nationwide event on Sunday, June 9 to raise funds for the American Red Cross.

“With one of our centers, AMF Moore Lanes, destroyed by the tornado in Oklahoma, we saw firsthand the destruction and devastation these events cause”

amf moore lanes 3“With one of our centers, AMF Moore Lanes, destroyed by the tornado in Oklahoma, AMF Moore pins not fall 2we saw firsthand the destruction and devastation these events cause,” said Steve Satterwhite, AMF’s CFO and COO. “We are so fortunate that no customers or employees were in the bowling center when it was struck by the tornado. As soon as the tornadoes passed and the damage was assessed, it was clear that these storms affected the lives of so many.We need to give back and help the people suffering from the aftermath – which is why we’re asking our friends and neighbors across the country to join us on June 9.”

amf Moore OKFor those unable to come out and bowl on June 9, monetary donations can be made directly to the American Red Cross’ website.

amf moore lanes


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