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Traveling bowlers! Ever think about the different places you’ve bowled? How many is that? Didn’t keep a record, eh. Hare-brained idea!? Of course. An accumulation of places bowled can be a natural outcome of carrying one’s bowling gear on vacations, out of town job assignments, etc. So I was already on my way. Contributing to the plan is the fact that events like family reunions, are in different places each year, one can be on their way to bowing the states, for instance.

Having already been to 48 of the 50 states I was looking for another excuse for going to them again, especially the ones I enjoyed most. First time around I was not a bowler. So a printout, preferably with establishment’s name on it was needed. If possible have somebody autograph it, even, to help authenticate. Take some pictures, video, and especially, get some feeling of the folks and places. It’s not just about the bowling, but sampling the whole area.

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